Beef Up Your Resume

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Before you submit your resume to LinkedIn or any other social media network, you will want to make sure it stands out above the others especially if it has gathered a little dust or is outdated.  A resume gets you in the door to your first interview.  Incorporating the following creative ideas and technology should make your resume shine from first glance:

  • Use resume software: Using resume software will ensure that font styles are clean and crisp and that your resume is formatted well.  Resume software templates provide graphics such as a sidebar that can be used for listing keywords describing your expertise or short quotes from clients or employers recommending you.
  • Find samples of current resumes:  Review samples of resumes in books or online so that you can be sure your resume stands in line with the best.  If you find an element that you want to include that is not available on a template, create it using Photoshop Elements.  The element can be saved as a .jpg and imported to your resume.
  • Add personal internet links: Add URLs to pertinent existing blogs, websites, or profiles on social networks to your resume.  This gives the person reviewing your resume a way to discover more about you. It is a great idea to create an online portfolio of your work and achievements.  Create an electronic copy of your resume that you can email or share online.
  • Create a blog:, a free popular blog site for professionals, can be synchronized with LinkedIn.  You can write about your industry and showcase your expertise which will demonstrate that you are comfortable using today’s technology.  Request that colleagues post comments on your articles.  Add the URL to your blog to your resume.
  • Create a Power Point Presentation: If you do not have Microsoft Office, download a compatible product for at  free and save your presentation as a .ppt file.  Download the latest presentation templates, and put together a presentation that shows off your knowledge of your industry. Upload it to SlideShare or Google Docs for free.    Link the presentation to your resume and you will impress any company who provides training or demonstrations to prospects, clients, and personnel.
  • Create a video resume: A video resume does not take the place of a traditional resume, but if you are savvy enough, you enhance your traditional resume and create another tool to market yourself.  Be careful, however, because if you do not make a good impression, you can do more harm than good.  Video resumes are becoming very popular.  The best resource to learn how to create a video resume and how to use it to promote yourself is Video Resume Tips: How to Create a Video Resume By Alison Doyle, Guide.

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