Go where the people are, Part 1

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Now that you have the preliminaries out of the way,  you should feel confident about getting out and meeting people.  I would suggest you join a support group in your area where you can meet knew people and have a facilitator to mentor you and suggest places and people to contact.

Do not despair

Opportunities are more scarce in this economy, but do not despair.  This is the perfect time to re-invent yourself.  The part that will be tough will be when you realize that if you want to succeed, you will have to do somethings differently.   I am referring to the need to adapt to the way people communicate now.

I know it probably seems like someone changed the rules of the game and forget to tell everybody, but gone are the days of door-to-door salesmen, telemarketing, and postal mail campaigns.  People have moved over to online shopping, smartphones, likes, and tweets.

We communicate differently

Corporations who have no social media marketing plan and are still paying for expensive advertising are going to be left in the dust.  It will not be because opportunities have vanished, but because they have failed to go where the people are.

Every time my daughter or her friends are in the market for shoes, cell phones, clothes, etc.,  I observe them jump on the computer or smartphone and find the best quality items for the best prices.  They whip out the debit cards and wait for UPS, never setting foot in a store.  Times have changed.

If we want the doors of opportunity to open to us, we will need to some degree establish a presence online.  We may research companies, return to school, attend a company meeting, or look for future prospects.  The tasks are endless.

Have courage

So that sounds pretty intimidating does it not?  I was hesitant at first too.  That is way I am taking the time to break the deafening silence and help everyone I can to take this bold step.  Have courage, be yourself, and have fun.

Where should you start first?  Chances are you have tapped all the people you know in your immediate circle.  Now it is time to meet new people who are already successful at the thing you want to do.  You will find many.  You will follow them and learn to be pretty good too.

The one place that you can follow a good number of people without them being alarmed too much is on Twitter.  The next post will help you get started on Twitter and find folks to follow.  Take a deep breath, let this sink in, and check back.



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