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Your Objective

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Marketable skills

At this point you should be able to formulate a clear description of the marketable skill or combination of skills that will be of service to your industry.  If you are not clear, go back and review the objectives of the companies you cited.  Record your description on the Track2Success Worksheet:  Career Resources 101: Formulating Your Objective.

One-line statement

It is important that you develop a one-line statement to describe how the skills you have (or will learn) will service a potential employer or client’s interest.  This is not just a sales pitch.  As you work through these exercises, you will begin to envision your success.  While you are in transition and beyond, this objective brands you in the eyes of those around you and those you will meet.

Identify shortfalls

From the job descriptions and requirements you recorded, list the areas where you feel you need to obtain further training or education and describe how and when you will meet those criteria.


With a clear description of your marketable skills, a working knowledge of a functioning industry, and successful personnel to match, you are ready to identify the means by which you will accomplish securing your objective.  Remember a lot has changed. Some of the same principles which have ensured success in the past have no longer work.  People are changing fields 3 to 5 times during their lifetimes.  Opportunities are found today outside the comfort zone and outside the box.

As you formulate your objective, but do not loose sight of the fact that the changes you are experiencing are positioning you to be in closer proximity to people waiting for your help and waiting to help you. Change is a call to greatness!


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